Premium Drama Lesson Plans

Designed to inspire your students! Professional schemes of work and resources for KS3 drama teaching.

Our drama units

  • are creative, imaginative and original
  • meet with the latest curriculum requirements
  • come complete with all music, film and literature resources
  • are designed to help you inspire your students
  • are easy to use and can be downloaded instantly

If you’re looking for new ideas, need to build a portfolio of drama resources quickly or just want to save time then our drama lesson plans are for you. Each scheme of work contains 6 drama lesson plans along with all supporting drama resources and can be used straight away. Developed by drama teaching specialists the materials can be used in your teaching and documentation too.

Suspenseful drama based on the macabre Edgar Allan Poe classic (Year 9)

One night over dinner the Earl is found dead. A classic whodunnit? (Year 8)

Physical drama based on the tales of Pirates and lost treasure (Year 7)

Learn mime using the magic of Charlie Chaplin and The Kid (Year 7)


From Shakespeare with love!

Drama Lesson Plans and Resources for Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Twelfth Night and more


Feuding Montagues and Capulets in Shakespeare's Veronan tragedy (Year 9)

Classic Shakespeare with Lady Macbeth, Banquo, and three witches (Year 9)

Developing vocal delivery through fun exercises and a little Shakespeare (Year 8)

Shakespeare introduction with Olivia, Viola and Malvolio (Year 8)


Theatrical giants, influential practitioners

Stanislavski, Chekov, Brecht, Ibsen, Artaud, Strindberg & Boal Schemes of Work

Imaginative absurdist fun with Carroll, Artaud, Lear and Dali (Year 9)

Using colour, costume, objects and sound in performance (Year 9)

Three theatrical giants and their influences on modern drama (Year 9)

Introduction to the three influential drama practitioners (Year 9)

Developing vocal delivery through fun exercises and a little Shakespeare (Year 8)

Learning to think quickly and creatively with an Olympian Improvisation finale (Year 8)


Explore social and political issues

Explore issues such as American civil rights, eating disorders and homelessness using the power of KS3 drama!

Developing thoughtful drama from evocative World War One poems (Year 9)

Exploring racism from slavery to Billie Holiday and Malcolm X (Year 9)

Building drama from topical teenage problems and issues (Year 9)

Understanding the plight of the homeless and their families (Year 8)

Annie Besant and the famous match workers strike of 1888 (Year 8)

Using bullying issues as a backdrop for drama education (Year 7)

Creating drama using social and economic issues and tensions (Year 7)

Drama based on the issues and experiences faced by refugees (Year 7)