Vikings (ages 11-12)

This scheme of work enables students to create and maintain many different characters ranging from ‘humans’ to Norse gods and mythical creatures. Using Norse beliefs, myths and well researched facts about the Vikings themselves, the students get to understand this nation of people that ruled Britain for 400 years in a fun and engagingly practical way, whilst being able to take part in exciting, interactive activities and develop their knowledge and understanding of essential drama forms.

Each lesson plan has clear objectives and learning outcomes. They are structured to include introductory warm up, development and plenary sessions. A homework task is also included.

This scheme of work contains 6 drama lesson plans.

  • Lesson 1: Who Were the Vikings? The students are introduced to who the Vikings were and where they came using the included presentation. This is then developed by the students creating the Vikings arrival in Britain using frozen pictures and vocal collages.
  • Lesson 2: Norse Gods & Goddesses. After an entertaining game involving elves, dwarves, giants and Valkyries, the students work on one of the stories involving Thor, the god of thunder. The story is brought to life through the use of flashbacks, narration and physical theatre.
  • Lesson 3: The Creation (Norse version.) In this lesson students are introduced to the Vikings beliefs about how the world began. The students take part in a very physical activity to recreate the different places in the Vikings world and then use sound scapes to add atmosphere to them.
  • Lesson 4: A Viking Feast. This lesson sees the students taking part in a whole class spontaneous improvisation set at a Viking feast. They are challenged by their ability to stay in character and work with the Teacher in Role.
  • Lesson 5: Ride of the Valkyries. The students listen to Richard Wagner’s ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ and then in small groups create a movement piece based on a dead soldiers arrival at Valhalla, the underworld.
  • Lesson 6: Assessment. For their assessment students devise a documentary style piece of drama based on a discovery at an archaeological dig at a site near York. The work includes the use of duologues, split scene, mime, frozen pictures and flashbacks.

Supporting materials include

  • Story: Thor in Utgard
  • The Creation Story
  • Ride of the Valkyries (MP3 file)
  • Who were the Vikings? (PowerPoint Presentation)

Additional resources are included in the appendices

  • Basic Drama Skills
  • End Of Unit Self-Assessment Form

The scheme of work is supplied as a zip file containing a PDF file, readable on most computers, and 1 piece of music (MP3 format) and 1 presentation (PPT format).

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